The Kintala Club

The Kintala Club offers training and socialisation for dogs of all ages, using positive and motivational methods.


Due to unfortunate circumstances we have CLOSED ADMISSION for dogs over 14 weeks

until further notice.

Kintala Puppy School

Training and socialisation for puppies aged 8 to 14 weeks.
email: puppyschool@kintala.
phone: 0400 444 024

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Club Membership and the Ideal Dogs of Australia

Become a club member and train your dog in a class environment which includes all aspects of IDA.

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Club Membership

Ongoing socialisation and training, from basic to advanced.

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About the Kintala Club

The Kintala Club was founded by David Weston, a pioneer of dog training based on positive reinforcement.

Learn more about Kintala, our training methods, our emphasis on socialisation, and the club's history.