About Us

The Kintala Club is a non-profit organisation which promotes positive reinforcement training and early socialisation of dogs.

Our Mission

We promote the socialisation and training of dogs from an early age, using positive reinforcement. We aim to extend and apply understanding of canine behaviour and encourage responsible dog ownership.


All Kintala instructors are volunteers who receive intensive, government-accredited practical and theoretical training. Learn more.

Instructors are members of the Gentle Dog Trainers Association.

Training Approach

We promote positive reinforcement training: show the dog what you want it to do and reward with something it likes. We also encourage early socialisation and training for puppies.

Joining and Renewing

Dogs and handlers invited to join the Kintala Club are encouraged to sign up within one month of completing IDA. To join, come to the club room on a normal training morning (see calendar). Payment is by cash or cheque.

Membership renewals are due 1 July each year.

Club Rules

The Kintala Club is a non-profit organisation incorporated in Victoria.

All Kintala Club members agree to adhere to the Club Rules.

2018 AGM

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thurs 22 November 2018. Any club member can nominate to join the Kintala Club Committee (Office Bearers). Simply give a completed Nomination Form, to the Secretary or Ground Secretary by the Saturday prior to the AGM.