For Members

The Kintala Club exists because of our members and their commitment to responsible dog ownership through ongoing socialisation and training.

Members Responsibilities

The unique environment of the Kintala Club allows dogs to socialise freely with one another. We see thousands of interactions between dogs and they are rarely confrontational. However, these benefits have associated responsibilities: we must monitor and manage our own dog’s behaviour.

Please ensure you are familiar with the Members Responsibilities.

Classes and Assessment

Club training allows dogs and handlers to build their skills gradually. The foundations (e.g. sit, stand, drop, heeling, recall, stays) are refined in Class 1 and extended in subsequent classes. New skills, such as retrieving, directed jumping and scent discrimination, are introduced gradually. Higher classes involve an advanced level of obedience and tracking. Dogs assessed as successfully attaining class requirements can progress to the next class.

Class Assessment Rules


Two club competitions are held each year. The competitions are open to all training members, with classes to suit all skill levels. To learn more, please speak to your instructor or talk with a member of the committee in the club rooms on a normal training day. Entries should be made before the end of training on the week prior.

Competition Rules Amended June 2019